Huawei P10 is a game changer
Photos and Review by
KJ Mullins
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 Not many people in Canada have heard of Huawei's smart phones but lucky for me I have been testing the newest model, the P10 for the past week. My test phone arrived just in time for the Invictus Games, the perfect week to see how a smart phone can stand up during a busy week. Considering I was covering the Games as a journalist/photographer using only a cell phone for pictures it was almost a big gamble that paid off.

I will be the first to attempt that I'm not tech term savvy. I don't care about platforms (Android 7.0 Nougat) or CPUs (Octa-core (4x2.4 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4x1.8 GHz Cortex-A53)). I do care about reliability, built-in camera, ease of use and battery life.

In my smart phone past I have had to deal with phones that almost take a college course just to turn on so if it's not easy I will pass on by. My latest phone before checking out the Huawei P10 was their Super Nova model so I was expecting greatness to begin with. The Super Nova has been my ultimate smart phone prior to the P10's arrival so the phone had big shoes to fill! Seriously, straight out of the box I was able to navigate the phone without missing a beat.

A Camera To Die For!

Today having a great camera is a must with their phone. I have to admit that was the reason I picked up the Super Nova a few months ago. The 16 MP, f/2.0, phase detection autofocus, OIS, dual-LED (dual tone) flash on the Super Nova gave me great images every time. The P10 is a total upgrade with Dual 20 MP + 12 MP, f/2.2, OIS, Leica optics, 2x lossless zoom, phase detection and laser autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash. One of the coolest features is the PORTRAIT setting. I was able to capture some of my best shots ever during the Games using this setting. Using the professional settings allowed for great action shots as well. Outdoor lighting is better to be honest but I was able to get great shots in every setting I was in, including this one of Dancing With The Stars dancer Derek Hough.

Social Media Maverick!

Getting a great shot is only half the story in today's fast paced world. If you can't upload that pic in seconds then what's the point. Have no fear, the Huawei P10's share feature is so simple that within a second of getting a shot of Prince Harry posing with a group of Power Rower medallists the picture was on Facebook, leaving the other photographers on the scene in shock!

Battery Life

Alas even the best phone may have a small snag. The battery does drain a bit quickly if you are a Social Media maverick. The good news is that it also charges quickly.

Info At the Speed of Light!

After a solid week of reporting and testing out the Huawei I give it multiple thumbs up. I was able to research on the fly with the rapid fire Kirin 960 processor, getting information in seconds for any questions I needed to answer. My pictures were good quality and I was able to upload them quickly to my PC at the end of the day for final reports.

Healthy Steps!

One of the pre-set apps is a steps meter. I have never used one before but I found it handy! I had no idea how many steps a day I averaged before (I met the 10,000 steps and then some during the Games! Yahoo!) and plan on keeping track to let my doctor know how active I can be.

Overall A+

I know that not everyone uses a smart phone the way a journalist does but we all want a phone that is ready to go when we are. The Huawei P10 is going to fit whatever your needs are. The P10 is available with Rogers, Fido, Bell and Virgin Mobile in Canada and retails for $649.99 without term limits.

I highly recommend the Huawei P10 (and the older model Super Nova). Everyone I showed my phone to wanted to know where to get their own. It's a total winner and deserves 5 out of 5 stars.
  1. Derek Hough
    Derek Hough
  2. Cheering on the warriors
    Cheering on the warriors
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    Huawei P10
  5. Medalists and Prince Harry
    Medalists and Prince Harry
Rod Gun & Barbers. Parkdale, Toronto, August 30 2017
Photos and Review by
Walter Tautorat
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A walk through Parkdale can be an adventurous one on any given occasion. Nestled in among the many small and curious shops on Queen St. W. there sits Rod, Gun & Barbers.

Fashioned after a traditional rod and gun club and focusing on men’s hair styling and grooming this wonderful place has something for most men’s tastes. From the amazing old refurbished barber chairs to walls full of some of the most wonderful collectibles, this place is warm, welcoming and something a little out of the ordinary.

Where else can a man get a pompadour and a pint or a shave and a single malt. The concept here is inviting and it could take someone a few hours and cocktails to peruse all of the wonderful curiosities this small space has to offer.

Apparently they even have live entertainment on occasion and it really is a cozy place to hang out. The man-cave I could never quite put together.

Well worth a visit, and gives new meaning to the phrase, “Hi honey, sorry I’m late, I had to stop at the barber’s!”
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Bloomiss products made by the incredible Crystal Leochko so when she gave me Blooming Lips ($15.50) to try out I was jumping with joy last week at Yorkville Village. I already have added her Bloom Balm (best product I have ever used for chapped lips) and tinted Organic Bud Butters to my make-p kit so adding the gloss was a bonus! And what a bonus it is....I love how my lips feel soft and there's just the right amount of tinted shine that doesn't overpower my finished look.

Crystal's Bloomiss products are easy to buy online but there are still few shops in the GTA that carry them so I was excited when I heard that she's got a table at the market at Yorkville Village every other Wednesday. (She should be back next week on August 30th!!) As soon as I heard that I headed over for some one-on-one time with Crystal. She always has great advise and information about her natural products that are chemical free.

I was going to take home the Headache Soother ($15) but silly me left it behind on the table. I will have to get it soon after Crystal sprayed my neck leaving me calm and cool for the rest of the day. The first few minutes I was a bit taken back as the peppermint went to work, clearing my sinuses and giving me a tingle. As the tingle wore off I noticed that all the tension I was feeling from a busy day just went away. The blend of Essential Oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary, Camphor and Lemon are wonderful. There's no need for expensive perfume when you have one of Crystal's blends on.

By the way if you really want to treat yourself pick up the Aromatherapy Bundle (right now on sale for $45). The 4 pack of aromatherapy roller balls (Energize, Chill Out, Awaken and Release) cover you all day. I love Chill Out on those nights when sleep isn't coming easy, a quick dab on my wrists and I am out in minutes. I am going to have to get another Release soon-it takes away aching muscles in a flash!

Check out the Bloomiss website for the latest deals and natural products that you can trust. If you have questions about which products are best for you use the Message Us feature for a quick one-on-one chat with Crystal! 


By KJ Mullins