NEWZ4U.CA  (formerly NEWZ4U.NET) has been informing Toronto residents about social issues and the arts since May 2010. Combining articles on under reported issues and community

While there are other news sources in the city NEWZ4U.CA strives to provide information about areas that have less coverage including homelessness, positve articles about Front Line Responders, the arts and mental health issues. 

Some of the issues we have recently covered

NEWZ4U.CA brings our readers articles that feature important information every day (Monday-Friday) We are able to continue to operate with the support of page sponsors and private donations. 

 We have optimized the site so that on mobile views the page sponsor is the first thing viewers see when they go to a page. Likewise on desktop and tablet views the sponsor's logo is at the top of the page. There is no other type of advertising on pages. We also promote our sponsors monthly on Social Media to maximize their exposure. This promotion is in addition to daily promotion of new features and articles. On average each promotion has over 30,000 monthly views.

The current cost (April 2016) of page sponsorship is $200 for a six-month run. Charities are never charged for promotion. The charities that NEWZ4U.CA  promotes are all Toronto based and generally grassroots groups that have a proven track record of helping people in the city. 

We believe in the sponsors that are selected for page sponsorship which is why we promote their services and companies whenever it is possible. This is a great choice for small businesses with limited advertising funds to get exposure and help support local news.

If you would like to be considered as a page sponsor please contact KJ Mullins at [email protected]

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